About Israel FAQ

Is it safe to travel to Israel?

Israel is a relatively safe country to travel to. Statistically it is safer in then in some major cites in USA.

Do I need any special vaccination before Holy Land tour?

Israel is a modern, developed country with levels of health and hygiene equal to those of Western countries.

How is the in general weather in Israel?

Israel enjoys long, warm, dry summers (April - October) and generally mild winters (November - March) with somewhat drier, cooler weather in hilly regions, such as Jerusalem. Rainfall is relatively heavy in the north and center of the country, with much less in the northern Negev and almost negligible amounts in the southern areas.

Are ATM's available in Israel?

ATM’s are available at local banks. The money you receive will be in the local currency.

What about credit cards?

Credit cards are recommended for larger purchases. VISA and MasterCard are much more prevalent than Discover and American Express.

Note: Specific procedures may vary by country, so look for forms and instructions at stores or the airport. We are not responsible for refunding you any VAT. In addition, VAT cannot be recovered once you have returned home.

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