General FAQ

What should I pack for my Holy land tour?

Wear loose-fitting clothing on the plane. Soft slipper socks can also add to your comfort while you sleep during the flight. Bring practical clothes that are easily washable and fast drying. Pack lightly.

Carry on baggage

  • Tickets
  • Passport
  • Cash
  • Medications
  • One change of clothing
  • Personal grooming items—small bars of soap, travel size tubes of toothpaste,
  • Some snacks you may want to bring with you on the plane
  • Light jacket
  • Camera
  • Cellular
Checked baggage
  • Notebook/Journal, pen or pencil
  • Cross-body bag
  • Water bottle
  • Flashlight
  • Hat or visor
  • Good walking shoes
  • Extra contact lenses and pair of back-up glasses
  • Wash cloths in a plastic baggie
  • Sun glasses
  • Imodium AD & Pepto Bismol
  • Facial tissues
  • Hand wipes
  • An adapter and converter for any electrical items

Is there a luggage limit?

Due to limited space available on buses for luggage, only one suitcase (limited to approximately 44 lbs) and one carry-on bag per person is allowed. We strongly recommend you also add your own luggage tag on both your checked and carry-on luggage.

Note: Carry-on must fit under seat or in overhead compartments of the plane and under the seat or in your lap while on the bus. Most airlines will accept 62 maximum linear inches (length + width + depth) for checked luggage.

Do we need adapters for electric items?

Yes, you will need to bring adapters when traveling outside the US for most countries.

How much money I should bring with me?

Your project manager will include in your final packet a complete daily spending sheet. Most everything has been included in your tour cost with the exception of meals not listed on your itinerary, shopping and optional tours (where applicable). Suggested amount of tips is $3 per day for guides, $2 per day for drivers.

What about free time?

There will be some free time on every tour - for shopping, extra activities, etc. Good Shepherd Tours representative will be are happy to provide ideas for free time and evening activities.

What amenities are provided at the hotel?

This will depend on which hotel you are staying in. Each hotel room will be en-suite and linens will be provided. Each hotel will vary in terms of supplying hairdryers, safes, etc.

Upon arriving at the hotel, you will be asked to label your bag (with a sticker provided by the hotel) with your hotel room number. The porters will then bring your bag to your hotel room. You will be responsible for your carry-on.

What are the hotel rooms like?

Each room will have a private bath, TV and phone. Most hotels do not provide washcloths, so you may want to bring your own but do not leave them in the bathroom as the staff will whisk them away into the laundry and you will probably never see them again.

Are hair dryers available?

Most hotels provide hair dryers in the rooms. If you bring your own, be sure it is one that has dual voltage so you can switch between 110V and 220V. You will need an adapter for your hair dryer. We do not suggest bringing curling irons or flat irons as the voltage is usually too high.

How our buses like?

The deluxe touring motor coaches are modern and air-conditioned.

Are there rest rooms on the buses?

It varies as to country. If not, sufficient stops will be made for the comfort of our passengers.

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