A Letter to Pastors

Published: Saturday, 24th of September 2016

My small group pilgrimage tour to the Holy land

Each Sunday, standing behind the pulpit, you spread the message of the Gospel to your congregation, teaching and guiding them through the words of the Lord. As a Pastor of a small church, you want your congregation to become more learned Christians and in turn, have a closer relationship with God. As you preach, you are able to visualize where today’s reading took place, thousands of years ago. The re-creation in your mind is so clear, following the footsteps of Jesus, Joshua, and King David. If only you could take your congregation to the Holy Land, to experience the Bible in way that will strengthen your members’ faith.

Seeing is Believing ... Why not host a tour to the Holy Land?

We understand that multiple concerns arise when considering hosting a group, but we, at Good Shepherd Tours, are here to make your visit to the Holy Land a reality.

I have a small congregation. How can I possibly put together a 20 or 30 person group?

Luckily for you, 8 passengers is now a group standard size! We are sure that there are 3 couples within your congregation that would love to join you! We recommend speaking within your church’s personnel first, before opening it up to your congregation. With the combination of your staff and congregation, your tour will grow, right before your eyes!

How do I pay for my spouse’s and my tour? I have such a tight budget?

Let Good Shepherd Tours sponsor your tour to the Holy Land it will be our honor to have you and your spouse as our guests in Israel, this offer is only for Pastors with active church.

The price for a Holy Land tour is normally very pricey.

Good Shepherd Tours has had the best tours with the lowest prices in the market, guaranteed, for 34 years.

The word from Daniel Malka, President of Good Shepherd Tours:

"Good day,
my name is Daniel Malka, President of Good Shepherd Tours. For 34 years, my goal has been to send every pastor to the Holy Land. There are a number of reasons why I’ve made this my objective. Of course, I have monetary motivation, but if that were the sole purpose, then I’d be selling tours to different resort spots, not the Holy Land. My reasoning behind sending every pastor stems from my own experiences. When visiting the Holy Land, you return revitalized, spiritually - I’ve visited Israel more than 20 times, and each time I experience this feeling of closeness to God.

When pastors return from their trip to the Holy Land, they’ve stated that they were able to deliver God’s message with a clearer and more real understanding of the word of God. Pastors have also felt that their church, as a whole, became stronger and more committed to their faith.

In biblical times, God commanded that we visit Jerusalem each year. Not just to repent, but to be inspired. Give us the chance to send you to the Holy Land, to be inspired, and to have a stronger understanding of the word of God.

Click here to register your tour with us at Good Shepherd Tours. God bless you, and we’ll see you in the Holy Land!"

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